Connecting You and Talents

Your Partner for Precise Talent Sourcing Services

360d HR Consultancy provides comprehensive talent sourcing services, including headhunting and remote working. With the versatile talent pool of expertise and skill set, we have candidates meeting your requirements. By adhering to the principle of profession and productivity, promoting solidarity and mutual benefit for our customers and stakeholders. At 360d, it's in our DNA to always do the right thing to bring values to our customers and partners.

Executive Search / ICT Talents

With uniquely vast expertise in each major industry sector and key functional area for 30 years, we help you find key talent, assess your existing leadership, enable team building, and commit to providing services and solutions with pinpoint for and assess talents for your company.

Four Types of
Talent Sourcing

Service Type How It Works Our Services
Headhunting Direct Hire by Employer Headhunting + Value-Added Services
Evaluated Relocation After Trial Period
Work Hour Aligned with Customer
Project Management + Headhunting
Dedicated Independent Contractor Outsourcing
Work Hour Aligned with Customer
Project Management
Remote Working Project-based Freelancer Project Management

Strategical Consulting

Return to the thinking of the origin of business essence and the strategic leadership assessment, we aim at "creating corporate competitiveness-achieving transformation and upgrading" as the goal of innovative value-added services; The starting point of services with high, broad and deep thinking is based on the premise of assisting enterprises to harvest more meaningful value creation and comprehensive effects.

Optimizing Human Resources

We provide highly confidential and personalized career development consulting services, using professional, objective and supporting perspectives, supplemented by scenario analysis and adaptive development, to promote the maximization of talent value, and then optimize the human resource value creation mechanism.

Employer Branding Management

We provide branding consultancy on talent recruitment, strategic planning, and execution of talent acquisition and media promotion strategies, etc.

IC / IT Outsourcing

We provide professional partner recommendations in the field of IC and IT applications to create competitive advantages for you. With a cost-effective ROI, you get the best talent sourcing services and solutions.

Work Permit Application

We assist companies to apply for legal employment documents and residency rights when hiring white-collar professionals of foreign nationality to Taiwan, so that companies can better attract global talents without worries, that enhance their international competitiveness.